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Your child's play is now more purposeful, and they have the fine motor skills needed to complete a puzzle or build with blocks by themselves. They'll start to enjoy pretend play that imitates the actions of people around them. They will also like high-tech toys that make real-life sounds, such as telephones that ring or dolls that talk.

If you avoid gender stereotypes at home, don't be concerned if your cisgender child plays in a gendered way, adds Dr. Newcombe. Babies assigned male at birth may love using dump trucks to scoop up sand, while those assigned females may pretend to feed their dolls and put them down for a nap. No matter what gender they are, let them play with the toys they choose.

Kids remain very active at this age; most of them still enjoy push- and pull-toys. It's a great time to introduce a ride-on toy, too: Start with one that your child can propel with both feet, and move up to a tricycle or balance bike.

Top toys for 2- and 3-year-olds

  • Dolls and stuffed animals
  • Props for make-believe play, such as a toy telephone, a tea-party set, a play kitchen, or a doll stroller
  • Ride-on toys, tricycles, and balance bikes
  • Musical instruments (popular ones include toy pianos with flashing lights that show kids what keys to press)
  • Large transportation toys with buttons that make a horn honk or a siren whistle
  • Puzzles
  • Construction toys that snap together
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